hur•ry-scur•ry or hur•ry-skur•ry
[[t]ˈhɜr iˈskɜr i, ˈhʌr iˈskʌr i[/t]] n.
1) headlong, disorderly haste
2) with hurrying and scurrying
3) confusedly
4) characterized by haste
Etymology: 1725–35

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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  • hurry-scurry — or hurry skurry [hʉr′ēskʉr′ē] n. [redupl. of HURRY] an agitated, confused rushing about; disorderly confusion vi. hurry scurried, hurry scurrying to hurry and scurry about; act hurriedly and confusedly adj. hurried and confused adv. in a hurried …   English World dictionary

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